Our vision is to expand and become a reference name as the best Moroccan restaurant in all UAE

Amazigh is a word which means “free person” in the Indigenous Tamazight language. Amazighs are an ethnic group indigenous to North Africa, primarily inhabiting in Morocco. Itran means stars in Amazigh Language.

Itran is a modern interpretation of a cuisine deeply rooted in the past. Our food pays homage to those roots, showcasing the rich and vibrant flavours of Morocco in new ways.

Located at the Souq Qariat Al Beri, in Abu Dhabi, Itran graciously features authentic Moroccan design, being in perfect harmony with the cuisine.

“I work closely with my team of chefs to create all our menus. I call upon recipes that my mother and grandmother used to make during my childhood. Whenever I travel, I always try new dishes, new flavours, to give me inspiration. Our food is authentic and home-style. There’s nothing like the moments spent with our loved ones around a dining table. Our food is also meant for sharing and creating unique moments, whether with friends, family or colleagues. Whether you are joining us for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just for a Moroccan tea, I look forward to welcoming you. Welcome to Itran!”
The Founder


Delicious food and beautiful arrangement, the service is perfect . The atmosphere is amazing, I highly recommending this place I can say it’s the best Moroccan cousin in Abu Dhabi


Google needs a special rating of more than 5 stars for a place like this. The interior decor alone deserves more than 5 stars. You feel like you are stepping into a palace in Morocco. I took over 100 photos of the place before I even sat down. The foods are served very hot and are so delicious. The views of the Grand Mosque are unbelievably great. Service is impeccable. Cannot recommend this place highly enough.

Christie Eckardt

This restaurant is on the second floor of Souq Qaryat al Beri, a very popular restaurant hub. It has great atmosphere and moroccan decor. There is a patio overlooking the canal with a gorgeous view to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque.